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What Is Numerology?

The science of Numerology looks at people's full name at birth, the name they go by now and their full date of birth, giving us some insight into who that person is: his or her personality makeup, future forecast and much more. However, that is only the beginning. From a broader perspective, Numerology is a science of patterns and numbers as they affect us in every area of life, including home addresses, phone numbers, compatibility of relationships and much more. For now, though, let's talk about its practical use in trying to understand and improve ourselves.

Numerology is similar in many ways to Astrology -- it's simply a different method of insight and offers a somewhat different view.

“Numerology helps you to make the right choice, decide when to invest, when to marry, when to travel, when to change jobs or relocate…”

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What does my future hold?

The numbers at play during any Universal or Personal cycle can suggest what may be in store for you and the rest of the world during any given month, year or phase of your life.

Is Numerology based solely on my date of birth?

Your personal Numerology chart is primarily based on two things: your date of birth and the name you were given at birth, but also takes into account the name you use today. Some numbers and cycles in your Numerology chart are derived from your birth date while others come from the letters of your birth name. According to Numerology, the name you were first given is the perfect name for you — the name you were truly meant to have.

What does my name have to do with Numerology?

Your full name at birth represents the talents, abilities, shortcomings and attributes with which you are equipped to use during your lifetime. It is the blueprint of who you are. A Numerologist will look at each of the letters in a person's name, the order in which they appear, the sum of their numerical value (each letter has a numerical value) and other aspects to get a sense of who that person is. And the insight gained from that is significant and revealing.

Can Numerology determine romantic compatibility?

It can! Your personal Life Path number reveals the style of your life, thoughts, communication patterns and more. When comparing and contrasting the styles of each Life Path number, some numbers work together quite well — while others should be avoided.

What’s my Life Path number?

Your Life Path number is the most important number in your entire Numerology chart! It’s the first part of your numerology reading. Based on your unique birth date, your Life Path number will be with you throughout your whole life.

What kind of answers can Numerology give me?

Numerology is a self-help tool that can reveal much about your personal character and your life as a whole. In many ways, Numerology can both predict and not predict your future. While your Numerology cycles indicate the opportunities and challenges, joys and pains that will arise throughout different periods of your life, the way you choose to handle these occurrences at any given moment is still up to you.

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